Thursday, 13 February 2014

This is another recipe for valentine series. Its a very simple recipe which require no cooking. Just working out with ready made stuff and the surprise is ready. The main idea is to present things beautifully without much hassle. They look very cute and are just bite size. So one does not even have to worry about the calories while eating it. For my friends who are working through out the day and have no time to prepare anything special can just grab these few items from grocery and assemble these mini cakes to surprise your loved ones.


Ingredients required are only four in number:-

  1. Strawberries
  2. Chocolate cake bars
  3. Creamy icing
  4. Chocolate sauce

For making them first cut the cake slice into four equal squares and also wash the strawberries and cut them longitudinally making about four pieces from each.

Then take one cake square and apply little icing over it and sandwich it with another cake square piece. In this way make as many pieces as required.

After that drop little chocolate sauce over the cake layer as shown in the picture below.

Finally put the strawberry over the cake. The chocolate sauce acts as a glue and the strawberry will be intact while serving. Lastly drizzle some chocolate sauce over the strawberries if required. Enjoy these mini cakes with strawberries, with a mug of hot coffee!


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