Name: Richa
Location: Banglore, India

Hello to the readers out there! this blog came to existence when I was pregnant n use to carve for different types of food n was having mood swings every second. It was a new town for me n hardly any friends at that time so to keep myself busy and also to suffice my carving I thought of writing my own blog where I can post my own recipes and also try new ones. The name chosen for this blog was out of my creative interest for colours, though interest have changed from a painter to a cook but still the creativity persists and according to me if one's plate is not colourful with different variety of food than one can not enjoy the real taste of food. Your plate should be vibrant and according to me presenting a food in a beautiful way makes it more palatable and tempting. Also I have tried sharing benefits of varies ingredients used in the recipes so that people get motivated to include every type of food in there diet and stay healthy.


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