Wednesday, 16 January 2013

As far as i remember "Makar sakranti" is celebrated all over India from north to south with different names. But one thing which is common every where is that, it is celebrated with great joy. People decorate there houses with rangoli, perform pooja, children fly kites and people make traditional sweets. It is a symbol of  begining of harvest season in most part of the country. So for this occasion i decided to make sweets out of jaggery, which have high nutrative content than white sugar. I used very limited ingredients to make it simple and quick. Here
Jaggery Laddos and Burfi
is the list:-

  1. Jaggery(400gms)
  2. Wheat flour(200gms)
  3. Ghee(3tbs)
  4. Roasted peanuts(2tbs)
  5. Roasted white til(1tbs)
  6. Grated coconut(2tbs)
  7. Water(1cup)

First of all roast wheat flour on a medium flame till it changes it colour to light brown and keep aside. Then in another pan add a cup of water and jaggery to it, keep on stiring till the jaggery melts. Bring the jaggery and water mixture to boil, then add the ghee into it to make a smooth paste. After that switch off the flame and add the wheat flour which was already roasted and kept aside. Keep on mixing till the contents mixes well. Also add some peanuts, til and grated coconut at this stage,while keeping aside some for garnishing, (these dry fruits are optional according to ones own taste). Then grease a tray with oil and spread the above mixture over it and garnish with left over dry fruits. Let it cool and cut with a knife into squares or as one desires. I made some square shaped sweets and also prepared laddos out of it. Its flavour was nice and peanuts complimented it.
There are some uses of jaggery as compared to white sugar like:- it is rich in iron and copper content. It regulates liver function, purifies blood and keeps the body healthy. It also contains protiens, minerals and vitamins which are essential for our body. These small replacements in our eating habits can lead us to healthy life. So enjoy the recepie and stay fit!



  1. Replies
    1. yes, they were made with the same mixture. The mixture was cooled for sometime and hands were greased with oil so that balls can be made easily. if the mixture is still floating one can add little wheat flour that works very well.