Friday, 12 September 2014

When it comes to desert then ice-cream is one such thing which everyone like to add in their plate. Though the idea of #icecreamcake is not new but i must say that its a very interesting way to serve a desert than just scooping it out as such and pouring some chocolate sauce over it. How can you realise that this recipe can be so simple and interesting unless you give it a try. The best part about this desert is that, it does not require any cooking and you may store it in your freezer for days ahead of your party. This recipe requires only few ingredients and best part is that there is no cooking required.

Ice-cream cake

So the ingredients which i used in making this are:-

  1. Vanilla ice-cream
  2. Cocoa powder
  3. Chocolate chips
  4. Some roasted nuts
  5. Chocolate cake for base
  6. Chocolate slab to garnish (optional)    
  7. Silicon mould or cake ring to set the cake

First of all crumble the chocolate cake, i have baked a cake ahead and some was left over so have used that one other wise you can use any chocolate cake available in the market. But if you are using a ready made cake then you need to mix little butter in it as it is usually dry and won't set properly.

Place a cling film at the bottom of your mould so that taking out your cake becomes easier. Cling film should be cut in a manner so that it come out of the mould sides. You can see the picture below and get an idea how to do it.

Place the crumbled chocolate cake at the bottom by pressing it with hands so that it covers the base well.

Then take vanilla ice-cream and mix ccocoa powder, nuts and chocolate chips in it. give it a good mix so that all ingredients well combine. If you have chocolate ice-cream then you can use it directly but i wanted to get a second flavour with what i was having at home so i tried this idea and it worked well.

Fill the mould with this chocolate mixture ice-cream and set it for some time in your freezer till it gets harden.

Then comes the last layer of plain vanilla ice-cream. Pour the vanilla flavour over the chocolate ice-cream and finally set it in the freezer to set. Cover the top with cling film to avoid any ice getting inside.

So whenever you want to serve it take it out from the freezer by pulling the cling film and grate some chocolate over it to give it a nice look and you are ready to serve this beautiful desert.

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