Wednesday, 21 May 2014

When it comes to summer coolers i would recommend this one as a natural cooler. I myself tried this for the first time today and could not wait to post it. The freshness of mint taste and the tangy taste of lemon with sugar in it is hard to resist. As a took the sip and gulped it down through my throat every cell of mine could taste its freshness. It provide the instant cooling effect and that aah... feeling comes automatically. The bright green colour of the drink was too attractive with no artificial colouring required. So if you feel tempted by this green coloured drink then just go grab some mint leaves and lemon from a near by store and rest all the things you will find handy at your home. The recipe is for two you may double the quantity if you plan to make out a large batch for friends and all.

Minty magic drink

Ingredients used are:-

  1. Lemons 2 nos
  2. Sugar 2 tbsp
  3. Salt 1 tsp
  4. Water 2 glasses
  5. Ice cubes 5-6 
  6. Mint leafs (about a fistful)


Squeeze the lemon, add sugar, salt and water along with the mint leaves in a mixer bowl and mix all the ingredients well. Then take two glasses and put the ice cubes in the  glasses. Then strain the mixture through a strainer into the glasses. Put some fresh mint leaves on the top to garnish and enjoy this summer cooler.
It just take few minutes to make it and you may serve this drink along with some snacks or chips do compliment this drink a lot. Hope you enjoyed this quick summer cooler and before leaving i would like to draw some benefits of mint so at least people who don't like it much at least for the sake of health benefits can include it in their diet.

Benefit of mint:-

  • Mint is a great appetiser and palate cleanser. 
  • It soothes stomach in cases of indigestion or inflammation, remember people taking podin hara tablets when their stomach is upset.
  • Also the strong aroma of mint is effective in relieving from nausea feeling.
  • It is effective in clearing up nose, throat, bronchi so over time it helps in curing respiratory diseases.
  • If you are feeling depressed, sluggish, anxious or exhausted then simply mint or its products can provide an immediate relief.  

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