Monday, 12 May 2014

What is so special about mangoes? why it is the favourite fruit among every second person we talk to! Well even i don't know the answer why? but yes one thing i know for sure is that this fruit is so seductive that we have it in every form, from pickles, jams, squashes, puddings, ice-creams, shakes, cakes and the list will be endless...We have it throughout the year in some form or the other but still mango season is quite awaited as it is the time when we taste the fresh delightful juicy rich mangoes. Now the season of mangoes have arrived and this time i want to try out most of the recipes with mangoes. The recipe which i am discussing today is quite simple but is very famous among all and i am sure that everyone must have tried it once in there lifetime. As a kid it was my favourite and even now its on my top list.
 Mango being the king of all fruits as well as famous among all, needs a special respect. So dear mango stay on the top but when you are ripe, roll down the cork as little Johny wants to taste you with his fork! Well i was just trying to build a rhyme for a mango.
Mango shake

Now getting back to the topic tell discuss the ingredients used to make mango shake:-

  1. Mango 1 large
  2. Milk 1 glass
  3. Ice cubes 6-7 nos
  4. Sugar 2-3 tbsp
All you need to do is put the ingredients in a mixer bowl and blend them well to form a smooth consistency and there you are ready to go with it. It takes few minutes to make it and with this two glass full of mango shake is ready. If you wish to make it a little thick then add more of mango and if you like a little thinner version then add more of milk to it, So you can adjust that as per your taste. Hope you will enjoy this recipe and make it for your loved ones!

Mango shake

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