Wednesday, 18 December 2013

The recipe which i am posting today is my own thought, which came as an instinct while i was churning out butter and preparing ghee(clarified butter). In India ghee is made at home and i am sure most of us do it quite often in a routine. The name of the recipe was also decided on the basis of ingredients used and process involved.
                  I would like to brief the process of making ghee for those who have not done it before. First of all collect the cream from the milk . We have to convert this cream into yogurt , for that cream is  heated till it is warm and mixed with teaspoon of curd. It is then covered and kept for at least 6 hours as it undergoes bacteria growth. The bacteria comes from the curd which was added. When that cream turns into curd it is churned in the mixer to separate out the butter from it. Continuously mixing in the mixer separates out the butter from the curd. Once the butter start floating on the surface in the mixer than collect it in a pan . So this is how butter is made, in day to day life in Indian kitchen.

Cream n yogurt moulds

The next step led to this recipe was making ghee out of butter. For that i heated the butter in a pan until ghee was separated out and was floating on the top. After collecting it some crumbly residue was left as one can see below. People often mix sugar and enjoy it but i have never tasted it before. So i thought of going ahead and giving it a twist. I added two tbsp of sugar and kept stirring until it was light golden brown in colour. Also cardamom powder was added to enhance its taste.

I dint had any mould so i used the egg tray of my fridge . Then i slivered some almond and placed then at the bottom of the tray as one can see in the below pic.

Lastly the mixture was placed in the mould and pressed it with fingers to fit in the mould as it was crumbly in texture so pressing was necessary to keep it intact. After that it was refrigerated for an hour. Then they were removed from the moulds which was a bit difficult task as my tray was of hard plastic.With a silicon mould it would have been much easier. But thank God! they came all well and the shape was perfect which i have thought off. They were quite tempting and my husband was unable to guess what were these and how were they made. Hope the readers would give it a try.

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