Thursday, 24 October 2013

Karwachauth is mainly celebrated in northern India. In this festival married women keep fast for the long life of their husbands. In this fast women are not suppose to eat anything until they sees the moon, though it was my 5th karwachauth but the excitement was the same. One can see ladies dressed up in beautiful dresses with new bangles and a good makeup, at least i get a reason to wear Saree this day. As per the ritual ladies apply mehndi on their palm and wear jeweller, in short they dress up like a bride. Also as a part of this ritual a lady who is keeping fast have to gift something to her mother in law. These days trends have changed a lot but earlier one has to gift Saree along with the things which are symbol of married women ie sindur, bindi, bangles. nail paints etc and also she has to keep some sweets which her mother in law likes. All these things are kept in pooja and are given after that. Also one has to read the story of karwachauth in the evening, mostly ladies gather at one place and someone reads the story for them, then they exchange their thalis 7 times by singing song and after that part they return to their home and wait for moon to rise. Though i had my baby along who is just 6 month, So it was quite challenging to prepare thali,but i ended up making a fulfilling dinner.

Festive season is in the air and all of us must be excited to celebrate it to fullest. Its always a trend to prepare something special during festive days and i am here with a recipe from this thali which most of the people make during festivals. Many friends of mine have complained that making rice kheer takes really long time, but i have a solution by which they can skip standing in the kitchen for long hours and enjoy the festival along with their family. So lets get started.

List of ingredients required:-
  1. Rice 1 cup
  2. Full cream Milk 1 ltr
  3. Sugar 1/2 cup or as per taste
  4. Cardamom powder 1/2 tsp
  5. Chopped almonds, cashew, pistas 
  6. Raisins

  • First of all wash the rice properly and if one chooses a smaller rice variety for this recipe then its best, as the basmati rice don't work well for this one. 
  • Then take milk in a pressure cooker and boil it. after that put the rice in cooker and close the lid, wait for two whistles one on high flame and other on slow flame. Let the whistle go off completely before opening the lid.
  • After opening the lid one must add sugar, cardamom powder and other dry fruits keeping some to garnish while serving. Stir continuously till sugar mixes well. 
  • It can be served hot or refrigerate it and serve cold, both ways it tastes good.

The process takes about 1/2 an hour and also one can do all the other work side by side. So this way it reduces our mess to boil and keep on stirring continuously for hours together.

Also there are some tips to enhance the taste of this recipe.
  1. Instead of sugar add condensed milk, it helps making it thick and also tastes good.
  2. If one does not get a thick consistency then milk powder can be added, it helps in making it thicker.

rRce kheer/Rice pudding



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