Monday, 25 March 2013

After returning from the office my husband demanded something sweet to eat. Even i was carving for a sweet  desert but nothing could hit my mind unless he suggested me with the idea of making sweet bread. Recalling his good old days he explained how mom use to prepare it for him. We had all the ingredients at home, only thing was i needed company to cook and he promised me with that, so we went ahead and finished making this desert in 10 minutes.
Shahi tukda is also called as double ka mitha in Andhra Pradesh, it is made out of bread soaked in sweet syrup. So thats why called as double ka mitha. One can try out this desert on any occasion or if one is short of time and guests gives a surprise. One reason of posting this desert is also that, Holi is on its way! so i decided to share this recipe so that people can get an idea to try this one for the festival and keep relaxed for  the day ahead and enjoy their day.

Lets look at the ingredients used:-

  1. Bread 
  2. Ghee to fry 
  3. Sugar 1 cup
  4. Water 1 cup
  5. Dry fruits (As per choice to garnish) 

Step by step process:-
In a pan water and sugar are mixed and they are brought to 1 thread consistency. In the mean while this syrup gets ready other procedure can be done simultaneously to save time.

Cut the bread into desired shape and keep aside. If the bread is stale then its better or if it is fresh then keep it out for sometime so that it looses its moisture and gets crisp.

Then take ghee in a pan/kadhai and deep fry the bread till golden brown.

Lastly soak the fried pieces of bread in the sugar syrup and garnish with dry fruits. Serve it hot.

 This desert can also be served with milk rabri. For that one need to pour the rabri over the soaked bread pieces. But if short of time then this one is the best way to go ahead.



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