Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Makhnane are widely used in Indian kitchen for making sweets, soups, curries and also garnishing deserts. It is known with different names like Gorgon nut, Fox nut, Euryale ferox and Lotus seed. They are basically puffed lotus seeds which are grown in stagnant waters of wetland like pond, tanks and lakes. In India Bihar is the heaven for Makhana production accounting for about 63% of the produce. It is highly nutritious, organic and non cereal food which resembles like a popcorn. I got to learn this recipe from my mother in law and since then tried it many times on various occasions.

Lets look at the list of ingredients used:-
Makhane ke kheer

  1. 1 Bowl of makhana
  2. 500 ml milk
  3. Sugar to taste
  4. Cardamom powder
  5. Chopped almonds, Cashews, pistas and raisins(optional)

Lets look at the step by step process:-

First of all makhane are soaked in water for about an hour, this process makes them soft and tender. Use a shallow dish ensuring that all the makhanas are dipped in water or dip them with your hand from time to time so that all of them evenly soak the water.

After this milk is taken in a heavy bottom pan and boiled stirring continuously. It is reduced on a medium flame so that it gets thicker. Also add cardamom powder and sugar at this stage.

Then squeeze out the makhanas from the water and add to the milk. Some makhana will tend to break while squeezing out but its ok as they will mix well with milk and further improve the consistency of milk.

Lastly add the chopped cashew, almonds, pistas and raisins. Though this step is entirely optional but it makes this desert rich and more flavourful.

Stir in for 2-3 mins till all the nuts incorporate well and release their flavour. This kheer taste good if eaten chilled so before serving refrigerate it for sometime or just cool at room temperature.

Benefits of Makhana/ lotus seeds

  1. It strengthens heart and is very useful in cardiac protection.
  2. Makhana act as a good antioxidant.
  3. It is very light in nature, so is easily digestive by all age groups.
  4. It is high in fibres hence helps to avoid constipation.
  5. They are also recommended to women during pregnancy and postnatal weakness, it tonifies the kidney and spleen to build up the energy.
  6. They are also very useful in curing anaemia. 


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