Wednesday, 2 January 2013

choco n vanilla cake with choco lollipops
My first blog of joy of cooking! Wanted to start with some thing sweet. So i decided to present this cake which i prepared for the new year party. Being a vegetarian i prepared an eggless, double flavoured cake. For this ready made cake mix of chocolate and vanilla flavour was used. Though its very easy to follow instructions and get your cake ready in no time but still you can add some difference by using your creativity in it.
All you needed in this is:- two different cake moulds. One at the bottom is hollow in the middle and  makes around 500gm cake which formed the base. I choose to make a chocolate marble cake at the base which itself have dual flavour of chocolate and vanilla. the outer cake is vanilla and as you cut the slice out of it you will see the chocolate layer. You can use some walnuts and raisins to give additional flavour to it.
The top layer is a pure chocolate cake of 250gm which was half of the size of the base and a simple round mould can be used for it. The top layer of the cake was coated with chocolate sauce which gave it a shiny look and added extra chocolate flavour to it. For the final touch of decoration i made small balls of the cake and dipped it in the chocolate sauce and inserted the wafer rolls, which was placed on the sides of the cake and on the top. Some strawberries and cherries were used to give a final red touch which complimented the colour of the cake.
So this is how i made a very simple and a pleasing cake with a twist.



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